Investing options in 2023
April 10, 2023

2023 – Our new year has started. What will, it mean for us “Investors”? Most of us are just trying to stay afloat instead of becoming financially wealthy.

First things first; I am not a Financial Advisor. I started investing about 36 years ago and I think you will agree that I have a little experience in investing. My goal is to offer something to think about and not financial advice. I am aware that my thoughts may not apply to everyone. My goal is to provide information and give you something to think about.

“Wealthy” to many is a state of mind and does not always mean a person’s net worth. I agree with that train of thought. Wealth does not make the person. That comes from within. I also agree that if you don’t have enough money you cannot always maintain a comfortable lifestyle. This may be a lifestyle that you are accustomed to or want to achieve.

Many analysts anticipate record gold and silver prices in 2023, but analysts are prone to making predictions. Predictions are just opinions. Everywhere you look there are ominous warnings concerning the condition of our monetary and economic institutions.

If you are like me, I have grown weary of the predictions that don’t always grow true. On the other hand, we must respect them. These alerts are sometimes dependable and are warning signs that an empire is down-grading its currency and dying, or even committing suicide. Neither you nor I know how much longer the game can go on.

However, the distinctive status of precious metals is what most strikes our minds. Without realizing it, you have placed a highly leveraged investment in your hands by purchasing physical gold and silver, something that is readily accepted worldwide. Gold and silver can be bought and owned in several different forms, bullion bars, rounds & coins to name a few. Either way, you do it without taking on the extra risk that comes with using leverage when borrowing money.

There are three reasons why precious metals have a high level of leverage. The first is that the dollar may very well no longer serve as the global reserve currency, the second is that there will soon be a true physical shortage of precious metals, and the third is that central banks will soon be required to use digital currencies (CBDCs). My suggestion is that if you do purchase precious metals, do not store them in a safety deposit box at your financial institution. Around 2009, a multi-generational change in the world’s reserve currency got going. This change is expected to restore gold and silver to their previous position as the two most important currencies since they are politically neutral, unlike the US dollar. Since the end of World War II, the loaded gun we know as the dollar has been aimed at the faces of governments all over the world, and they are sick of it. Gold is a key component of the BRICS countries’ aim to develop a replacement for the dollar system and dollar reserves. However, there isn’t enough gold available at the current price to act as the world’s reserve currency. Yes, at current prices.

Gold will need to increase in value numerous times to make that leap. This enormous leverage in silver and gold is ready to blow up.

More metals have been sold than are in existence. This is achieved by precious metals futures contracts, shares of a precious metals ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), and purchasing stocks in precious mining companies to name a few. Precious metal prices will rise when the rush to cover short positions happens.

The establishment of CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currency, Digital Fiat Currency, or Digital Based Money) would enable the government to manage every aspect of your finances is the last development. Is this good? I don’t know about you but I don’t think so. I want to decide how I legally spend, invest, or bequeath my money. Money, if CBDCs are established by the government, will develop into a woke, Orwellian weapon to reward your social value by allowing government-approved “chosen few” (or “good thinkers”) to dwell freely under the protection of the thought police. It would also relegate us “implorables” (or “bad thinkers”) to the “canceled”.

Unchecked money creation to erase budget deficits has led to the bankruptcy of entire countries in the past 14 years. Our National Debt is a train wreck in the making that is barreling down the tracks at full speed ahead. It is the result of reckless and exploding debt, rising interest rates, spiraling inflation, and declining tax revenues.

That brings us to the question: Is the U.S. Dollar on the way to collapsing? I hope not but do not see how it can survive if things continue unchecked. This couldn’t have come at a worse time. These significant changes are happening right now. Just after the entire world was made to practice lockdowns, control mass movement patterns, wear masks, and follow vaccine marketing and regulations. As if that weren’t enough, young children are already passing away from heart attacks caused by needless and inefficient immunizations. Despite appearances the contrary, the governmental or corporate organization is uncontrolled. These three variables that are leveraging the price of gold and silver are not isolated. Globally, a massive crisis of sovereign debt is emerging.

The people of the world have to wake up! Some are waking up but the fact is; 95% of the population ignores this dull information on reserve currencies and CBDCs, yet sudden deaths from gunshots to youngsters startle people quickly. They are not the only ones waking up (please do not confuse “WAKE” with “WOKE”). There is a sector of the population that is seeing clearly and saying, “I need to protect myself and my family from whatever is coming.” This sector is gaining steam as more people continue to take note of what is going on, formulate a plan to protect themselves today and into the future, and discuss these solutions with family, friends, and neighbors. We not only have to think about our lives today but the lives of our children and grandchildren. They will either benefit or suffer from our decisions.

Precious metals are only the beginning. We must take the appropriate steps to organize and formulate a plan before the future is now. Perhaps we won’t experience extremely difficult times, but they surely will if things keep going in the present direction. Teach your children the facts that it is up to them to be productive individuals. Organize with them. Teach them the value of self-sufficiency and being responsible for their actions. Your instructions today could end up saving their lives tomorrow.

Some people went to what we considered extreme measures before Y2K twenty-five years ago. In reality, it turned out to be an error for us. We discovered that some people were so intently preoccupied with preparing for the next catastrophe that they had forgotten how to live in the present and how to take note of the pleasures and goodness that they have today. What good does it do to be crisis-ready if we can’t live and enjoy the day? Are we losing our souls?