June 26, 2023

This blog is about politics. NOT any political party but all elected officials from the bottom up,  all across our great nation.

Who can we trust? When I was young I thought the government was looking out for us and our elected officials we’re doing the job we elected them to do. After all, that is what they promised us during their campaign. I felt our elected officials were doing what was best for me during the time I spent serving the country as a young sailor in the U.S. Navy.


Who can we trust? Can we trust anybody? I am not saying that all elected officials are dishonest and self-serving. But it seems as if we hear horror stories daily about situations that I never thought I’d ever hear. Has morality gone out the window?

What is to be done about the weaponization of the Federal Government? One thing for sure is the DOJ and IRS are running roughshod and refuses to, are unwilling and unprepared to prosecute and discipline their own. They are unprepared and unwilling to police or prosecute themselves. Why would they bite the hand that feeds them?

It’s like the Fox is guarding the Hen House.

Many of the politicians serving are enriching themselves without regard for the citizens of the country. How can they become as wealthy as they do while receiving the salary that they are paid? It is obvious. Maybe it is wishful thinking but I am an internal optimist and believe there are some honest people holding office. The problem is that there are far too few of them and we only hear about the bad apples.

What comes next? A government run by a few for the few. Forget the citizens of the country that are paying the taxes to keep this machine running. A federal agency running wild with no oversight. The Federal Government abuses its powers, brags about it, and then lies to the public. Can you say Socialism?

Open your eyes as well as your mind!

One of the big downfalls is the elitist are in control of the mass media. They tell you what they want you to hear. You are not allowed to get the true facts. The media is like they are policymakers and definitely slant their reporting to the agenda they want to push. They could spin a train wreck to where it sounds as if it were a good thing. They would also prefer that you do not think for yourself. In their mind, they are the chosen few. They think they know what is good for you.

Regardless of party affiliation, we need to institute some serious changes and bring the federal agency to a screeching halt while we still have a free system of government. The checks and balances were not put in place to be forgotten or ignored. If we do not correct course, we will be living in a third-world mud hole with rampant inflation, serious distrust in our elected officials, and going to the supermarket with bare shelves. Venezuela, once a thriving economy is a prime example of where we are headed.